He Forced His Daughter To Sing Again At Their Cruise’s Talent Show After She “Took The Cowardly Route” And Mumbled Through A Performance At Karaoke Night 

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This 51-year-old man and his wife, who is 49, have two children– a 7-year-old son and a daughter named Alison, who is 13.

According to him, his daughter is also an aspiring singer. She has even been taking vocal lessons for the last year.

That’s why, when he and his family were on a cruise recently, and his wife realized the ship had a karaoke night, they immediately thought of Allison. And after they asked if their daughter wanted to participate, she reportedly said yes.

So, they wound up going to the karaoke event– which was basically just a dance floor right in the middle of one of the cruise’s restaurants.

And once there, his daughter chose to sing “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac– which was one of the songs she had worked on with her music teacher.

But, he recalled how his daughter did not take his and his wife’s advice to “leave it all on the stage.”

Instead, he detailed how his daughter reportedly “clammed up” and just mumbled through the entire song. And since he knew that was far from his daughter’s best performance, he was pretty upset.

“I was really disappointed in her that she decided to take the cowardly route and backed out of giving a full performance,” he revealed.

So, after they got back to their hotel room, he actually told his daughter that! He said something along the lines of, “Allison, what was that? You know you can do better than that.”

NAN – – illustrative purposes only

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