He Freaked Out On His Girlfriend For Constantly Eating All Of Their Weekly Groceries While Sitting At Home Unemployed

Instead, she’s said that the stress from being unemployed makes her hungry and that she can’t help eating throughout the day. He thinks she’s gained around 30 pounds since losing her job.

It’s gotten so bad that he’s even had to skip a few meals three days before his paycheck comes in because everything he bought is gone. 

For instance, the other day, he bought them each a Subway sandwich for lunch. He ate half of his and put the other half in the fridge for later.

He made sure his girlfriend was aware of this. But when he got home from work, hungry for the other half of his sandwich, he found out she had eaten it. 

Things boiled over when he set aside a box of four nice cupcakes and expensive pomegranate juice in the fridge to give to his younger sister for her birthday. He really didn’t want his girlfriend to mess with this stuff.

“I put them in the fridge, told her not to touch them, and both were gone,” he remembered.

“There was only one cupcake left out of a box of four full-sized ones, and my juice was all gone.”

Upon discovering the eaten cupcakes, he flipped out. He ended up screaming at her and told her to stop eating everything he buys. He told her it was “disgusting” that he can’t eat any of the food he brings home. Then, she started crying and told him he was fat-shaming her. 

Was he being too harsh with his girlfriend or telling her something she needed to hear?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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