He Got Accused Of Being A Horrible Father Because He Coddles His Two Toddlers, Who He Had With His Current Wife, But Admitted To Not Feeling Like He Loves His Eldest Daughter

“I loved them since the first moment I knew they existed, and that love grows every day since they were born,” he said.

Amidst all of this, though, Sadie has continued visiting his house two weekends every month. But, his eldest reportedly hates his wife and his two toddlers.

Now, he does not allow Sadie to speak to them disrespectfully and has told his daughter that while she doesn’t have to have a relationship with them, she does have to respect them.

At the same time, he claims that his wife has no problem with Sadie and has never once complained about her. His toddlers mostly ignore his eldest, too, since they just want to be with people who will play with them.

So, while Sadie didn’t exactly like his wife and other kids, he thought everything was fine.

More recently, though, his half-sister– who is friends with his ex, Clara– went to visit and stayed at his house for a few days.

This was a new idea, too, since his half-sister apparently did not like his wife and wanted him to marry Clara instead. That’s why he and his half-sister were actually no contact for a few years.

“But my wife, who wants everyone to have a good relationship, convinced me to let her back into our lives,” he said.

It appears that his half-sister noticed the different attention and care he provided Sadie with versus his two toddlers, though, because before his half-sister left, they got into a massive fight.

During the argument, he got accused of coddling his 2-year-old daughter too much and was told that he was horrible for not doing the same to Sadie.

Now, he admits that his 2-year-old is definitely a daddy’s girl who will constantly follow him around. The toddler also always asks for hugs and cuddles, which he is happy to provide.

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