He Got Accused Of Prioritizing His Son’s Dog Over His Pregnant Wife After He Refused To Rehome The Dog

stephanie atkinson/EyeEm - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

It is totally understandable for pregnant women to experience anxiety around certain everyday things. They’re worried about their baby’s well-being, and sometimes the imagination can run wild, creating fears about things that can harm their baby. 

One man recently got accused of prioritizing his son’s dog over his pregnant wife when he refused to find the dog a new home after she said she had anxiety over the dog hurting her. 

He and his wife are expecting their second child. He has a 14-year-old son from a previous marriage. When his son was around 8, his mom tragically passed away. Not long after, they adopted a dog who is half Great Dane.

His son mostly cares for the dog, handling all his needs, and is described as a “responsible dog owner.” After having him for six years, the dog has become his son’s best friend. 

This is his wife’s first pregnancy, and when she recently hit the 12-week mark, she began behaving differently toward the dog. She started avoiding him at all costs, holding her belly whenever she was around him and jolting whenever he barked.

Unexpectedly, his wife asked him to find a new home for the dog. She was worried that he would jump on her and hurt her or the baby because of his size. 

“This is completely unreasonable,” he said.

“He doesn’t jump on people. We trained him not to jump on people or run into people very young because he is half Great Dane.”

Although the dog had never growled at her or given them any indication that he would hurt her, his wife was still convinced that he would jump on her and harm the baby.

stephanie atkinson/EyeEm – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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