He Got His Best Friend A Super Thoughtful Birthday Present, So His Girlfriend Accused Him Of Using “Weaponized Incompetence” When Buying Gifts For Her

First, he requested another manuscript copy from his best friend. Then, he had two copies professionally bound and personally penned an “about the author” section to include in the book.

Then, at the birthday party, he presented the two books to his friend– detailing how the first one was for his friend to keep as the very first copy of the finished dissertation.

“And the second was a copy for me– the very first autographed one if he would be so kind as to sign it,” he added.

Anyway, the whole display was a really sweet moment between him and his best friend. Plus, his friend even teared up while reading his “about the author” section.

And for him, that was one of the rare times when making someone cry actually made him feel so good.

His girlfriend also happened to be at the birthday party, though and saw the whole gift exchange. During the whole thing, she didn’t say much, either.

Then, his girlfriend also decided to leave the party early while he stayed back to hang out with his friend that night.

And by the time he spoke to his girlfriend the following day, it was clear she was upset. Apparently, she thought that his entire gift was overkill.

Plus, his girlfriend claimed it was proof that he had been using “weaponized incompetence” in the past to get out of putting thought and effort into the presents he purchased for her.

He was honestly shocked by his girlfriend’s response, though.

“I’m kind of at a loss,” he vented.

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