He Just Found Out That He Has A Teenage Daughter, And His Daughter Is Now Expecting Him To Pay For Her To Go To College

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Stories of men who found out later in life that they have children are usually quite shocking. 

One man recently found out that he not only has a teenage daughter but that she expects him to pay for her college fees. 

He’s 40-years-old and used to be in a relationship with a woman named Grace. Recently, he was told that Grace gave birth to their daughter after they had broken up.

Her name is Jane, and she’s now 18-years-old. At first, he wasn’t sure if Grace was telling the truth, but as she told him the details of Jane’s story, everything indicated she was his child.

He had a long talk with Grace at a coffee shop after she told him about Jane. It took him a while to get her to answer why she never told him about their daughter when she finally said she simply didn’t want him involved.

He told her all she did was deprive their daughter of a father, and she agreed. 

Grace also told him that she told Jane he was her father when she was 12-years-old, and he wondered why it took her so long to want to know him.

Although he wasn’t very interested in starting a relationship with Jane, he felt it would’ve been cruel to deny her the chance to get to know him. 

About a week after finding out the news, he and Jane spent some one-on-one time together. 

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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