He No Longer Wants To Give His Friend The Expensive Wedding Present He Got Her After She Uninvited Him To Her Wedding

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If you were supposed to go to an acquaintance’s wedding but then got uninvited at the last minute, would you still give them a wedding present?

One man no longer wants to give his friend an expensive wedding gift after she uninvited him to make room for more family members.

He’s 32-years-old and has an acquaintance named Molly. He’s not very close with Molly but was invited to her wedding that happened two weeks ago. He accepted the invitation because he loves a good wedding. 

He has a very lucrative job and loves giving gifts, so he decided to get Molly and her fiancé something special. They’re both gamers, so he told Molly he would get her a custom PC gaming system and monitor. 

“They were very happy and thanked me a lot,” he said. “The price of the PC would come out to be a little over $1500, not counting the monitor I was willing to throw in.”

However, a few weeks later, Molly told him out of the blue that she had to uninvite him from the wedding. She explained that she and her fiancé were having financial troubles and had to uninvite multiple guests to cut costs. 

“She apologized but assured me it was only because of cost,” he explained. “I was upset, but let it go.”

Then, he found out from a mutual friend that was still attending the wedding that Molly had only uninvited people to make room for more of her fiancé’s family. Her cutting him from the guest list had nothing to do with costs. 

He was so upset upon hearing that news that he decided not to purchase Molly and her fiancé their expensive gift. 

GTeam – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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