He Purchased His First Home Over A Month Ago, But Now His Girlfriend Wants To Invite Her Mom To Move In Because She’s Struggling Financially

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Imagine being thrilled to become a homeowner for the first time, only to discover that you might have to share your new house with your partner’s mother.

One man is at a standstill with his girlfriend and her family after finding out her mom wants to live with them after she’s fallen on hard times.

He’s 23 and is very pleased with himself after purchasing his first home over a month ago. He invited his 22-year-old girlfriend of six years to move in with him.

Since the home is solely his, he pays for the mortgage and utilities, but his girlfriend pitches in with groceries and their subscriptions, and she helped purchase some furniture.

Things were going great for them until about a week ago when they received some bad news about his girlfriend’s mom.

Her mom is not well off and doesn’t make much of a living. She’s had issues with drinking and had been staying in a trailer with her boyfriend until they broke up.

Then, his girlfriend’s mom went to go live with her mother and stepfather, but her mother recently passed away due to cancer.

Now, his girlfriend’s mom is being kicked out by her own family and needs a place to stay. Therefore, she’s calling upon her kids.

His girlfriend has a sister that lives with her boyfriend, but her mom has insisted on staying with the two of them at his house. His girlfriend’s mom has shown no interest in getting a well-paying job or her own place.

michaeljung – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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