He Put A Tracker On His 5-Month-Old Daughter’s Baby Carrier, But His Wife Thinks They Need To Inform Their Family

New Africa - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or child

This man and his wife recently welcomed their daughter into the world just five months ago. And following the birth, he decided to talk to his wife about putting a tracker on his daughter’s baby carrier for safety purposes.

His wife wound up mentioning the idea to his mother-in-law, though, and she was actually completely against it.

In fact, he got into a big argument about this with his mother-in-law, and eventually, he was forced to just drop the topic.

But, a few days after that fight, he decided to proceed with his plan anyway. He informed his wife about this, too, and she reportedly was okay with it.

So, he bought an Apple AirTag and stuck it on his daughter’s baby carrier.

“And I told my wife that I put it on there, and it was set up,” he recalled.

It has now been five whole months since he did that, too. And to his relief, he has never had to use the tracking device.

Just a couple of days ago, though, his sister was watching his daughter overnight. So, his iPhone received an alert informing him that his daughter’s AirTag was no longer in the vicinity.

“Meaning that my sister left to go home with her,” he explained.

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or child

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