He Recently Upset His Family After Complaining About His Brother-In-Law’s Sensory Issues At Dinner, And The Entire Incident Started Over A Plate Of Nachos

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If you’ve ever lived or been around someone with sensory issues, you’ll know that certain sounds can set them off and make them uncomfortable.

One man recently upset his family after complaining about his brother-in-law’s sensory issues at dinner. The entire incident started over a plate of nachos. 

He and his wife are both 25-years-old. He has a 32-year-old brother-in-law named Brian. Brian has a series of medical conditions, including ADHD and autism. 

He’s struggled to form a good relationship with Brian, as he believes he often uses his conditions as an excuse to act rude and impolite toward others.

“In the family, saying such things is completely forbidden, however,” he said. 

He and his wife recently decided to go out to dinner with his in-laws on Easter. They originally planned a time when Brian wouldn’t be available, and he was relieved. Unexpectedly, his brother-in-law ended up joining them for dinner. 

They decided on a place known for having great bar food, so he ordered a plate of nachos. His wife began begging him to order something else but wasn’t direct about why. 

But when the nachos arrived at the table, he soon figured it out.

“As soon as I took my first bite of nachos, my brother-in-law started shrieking like a child and throwing a little tantrum,” he remembered. 

DAVID – – illustrative purposes only

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