Her Boyfriend Accused Her Of Being Lazy And Not Doing Enough For Him When She Didn’t Want To Go To The Grocery Store On His Day To Go Food Shopping

littlewolf1989 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 23-year-old woman is currently attending university in a foreign country. So, since she is not legally allowed to work until her classes resume, her parents have been renting a place for her while she gets her education.

She also has a 25-year-old boyfriend who has been living with her at her place. But, she does not ask him to pay for any utilities or rent.

Instead, they try to split responsibilities. For instance, she is reportedly bad at cooking, so they agreed it would be better if her boyfriend handled that. He also helps out with the cleaning of her place.

Finally, they always split trips to the grocery store 50-50. Just yesterday, though, there appeared to be a miscommunication about the supermarket that sparked a big argument.

According to her, yesterday was technically her boyfriend’s day to go grocery shopping. And since the weather was so yucky, she was really just expecting her boyfriend to walk through the door with groceries after work.

He didn’t, though, which pushed her to ask what they were going to do for food.

“I don’t know; it’s up to you. You should go,” her boyfriend responded.

Now, at that point, she started to question her boyfriend. After all, she was wondering why she needed to go to the grocery store again after she just went the day before.

But, her boyfriend claimed that he went yesterday, too, to purchase some smaller items. So, in order to “compensate,” her boyfriend wanted her to help him out and go again.

littlewolf1989 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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