Her Boyfriend Had A Meltdown When He Found Out That She’s Been Secretly Sneaking Vegetables In The Meals She’s Cooking For Him

“He’s been telling me a lot lately he’s been feeling a lot better the past few months and has even had his doctor reduce the dosage of some of his medications,” she said.

“I kept my mouth shut because I’m just glad he’s feeling better, and it really does me no harm to hide the veg in his food.”

However, things came falling apart the other day when her blender stopped working before she could finish blending up the veggies to serve in his pasta. Therefore, she had to serve a chunky pasta sauce where he could clearly tell there were added vegetables. 

He ate around the vegetables and commented how the sauce still managed to taste the same as it always does.

Thinking this was a good thing, she confessed to him about how she had been blending extra vegetables into the pasta sauce and hiding them in other meals she made for him.

Suddenly, he started screaming at her. He called her names and told her she was controlling. He also said it was none of her business whether or not he eats vegetables. 

She tried pointing out to him that he started feeling better once she started feeding him vegetables, but he was having none of it and stormed out of their apartment after calling her more names.

He went to stay with his sister, who texted her to let her know he was okay and said that she agreed with her brother. 

Do you think she deserved that reaction from her boyfriend after trying to help improve his diet?

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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