Her Boyfriend Used ChatGPT To Generate A Sweet Message For Her, But After She Found Out, She Was Pretty Upset That The Words Hadn’t Really Come From Him

So, she tried to explain how her feelings were really hurt. And in the process, she even started tearing up simply because she felt really embarrassed.

Despite that, all her boyfriend did was start laughing at her, though. Then, he just said, “See? This is why AI is scary.”

Now, her boyfriend did point out how he agreed with each statement the chatbot had generated. But, regardless of that, she has still been left feeling pretty sad.

“It seems like he isn’t taking my feelings seriously,” she vented.

If you found out that your partner used an AI chatbot to generate a sweet message for you, how would you feel? Do you think artificial intelligence has the potential to make relationships feel less authentic or genuine? Would you ever use a program like ChatGPT to generate a note for a loved one? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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