Her Friend Called Her Out For Trying To Look Good At Prom And Claimed She Was Going To Tempt Her Friend’s Boyfriend

focusandblur - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This girl is 16-years-old and will be attending prom at her high school this year. Recently, she also finally received her prom dress and all of her jewelry in the mail.

So, she was naturally beyond excited and immediately wanted to FaceTime one of her closest friends– who is also 16– to get their opinion.

As soon as her friend saw what she was wearing, though, her friend had just started badmouthing her outfit.

“Those nails are ugly, and that dress makes you look fat,” her friend told her.

Now, not only were those comments extremely hurtful, but she was also genuinely confused.

Apparently, earlier that same day, her friend had shared a prospective prom dress in their group chat which she realized looked almost identical to hers. It was just in a different color.

Then, her friend even asked if they would be allowed to get the dress because they thought it was cute!

So, why her friend thought her prom dress was ugly just really did not make sense to her.

On top of that, her friend claimed that her jewelry just looked cheap and said that one specific pearl necklace looked like it had been purchased from a website.

focusandblur – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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