Her Friend Has Been Posting Lies On Social Media About Being Romantically Involved With Her Brothers, So She Finally Confronted Her

morrowlight - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you have any friends that are a little too obsessed with social media to the point where it’s affecting your relationship?

One young woman recently got into an argument with her longtime friend after getting fed up with her constantly posting videos of her older brothers on social media. 

She’s 17-years-old and has eight older brothers. They have a complicated family history, but she’s super close with all of them and “wouldn’t trade them for the world.”

She has a best friend that’s also 17, who she’s known since she was 4-years-old. 

However, she’s been having issues with her friend due to what she’s been posting on social media. 

For the last year, her friend has been taking videos of her older brothers while talking about them and showing off how hot they are.

Her friend also lies on social media and says she’s romantically involved with her brothers, posting about ‘love triangles’ she has with them. 

“It’s seriously annoying,” she said. “She’s never really had anything to do with my brothers. They know her as ‘my little sister’s friend’ and nothing more, so I really don’t get where this is all coming from.”

To make matters worse, her friend has started spreading lies about her brothers at school, telling other students that she has a ‘steamy’ romantic life with them. She said her friend’s behavior has brought her a lot of unwanted attention.

morrowlight – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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