Her Mom And Stepdad Took The Locket Given To Her By Her Late Father And Replaced The Photo Inside Behind Her Back

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When this 19-year-old woman was 5-years-old, her father bought her a locket. Inside, there were pictures of himself, her mother, her sister, and her brother.

Then, two years later, her father and sister both passed away in a tragic car accident when she was only 7. So, the locket quickly became one of her most treasured possessions, and she would wear it everywhere– regardless of whether an event was formal or not.

By the time she was 8, though, her mother had already gotten remarried. And her new stepfather, named Jeff, also had a 1-year-old child named Nathan.

But she didn’t just gain a new stepbrother. Instead, her mom and Jeff went on to have two daughters together quite quickly– meaning she also got two half-sisters.

However, everyone in her family knew about the locket since they saw her wearing it all the time. Yet despite that, her mom asked her on numerous occasions if she would add photos of Jeff, Nathan, and her two half-sisters.

Quite frankly, though, she told her mom that she just didn’t want to do that. So, after she turned 16, her mom and Jeff wound up buying her an entirely new locket. But that piece of jewelry had their photos in it.

Still, she honestly never wore the new locket. Instead, she just put it in her jewelry box, and it stirred up a bunch of drama.

“There were some comments and tensions that I never wore the new one,” she recalled. “My half-sisters were upset about me not changing which one I wore all the time.”

She repeatedly tried to explain exactly why her original locket was so special, though. But for whatever reason, her half-sisters just could not understand that.

abigail210986 – – illustrative purposes only

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