Her Mother-In-Law Asked Her Husband To Help Pay For A Mortgage On A Second House, And She Thinks This Is A Bad Idea

After looking at their finances and what they still owed in student loans, she realized that they could not afford to help her. That is unless her husband wanted to work extra hours. 

“I told him that if his mom wants another house, then she needs to purchase one she can afford on her own,” she recalled.

“We cannot afford this additional payment because we both work six to seven days a week as it is, and I would prefer more quality time together versus him working more to make the payment for an extra house.”

She also expects that her mother-in-law’s house will need year-round maintenance even if she doesn’t stay there all the time, and she fears that her husband will get stuck having to take care of it. 

All in all, she thinks helping her mother-in-law with her mortgage payments is a bad idea. Once her mother-in-law found out how she felt, she started giving her the cold shoulder. 

“She cannot seriously think this is a good financial idea considering we said we might start trying to have a child next year,” she said.

Do you think she’s making a good decision by not giving money to her mother-in-law?

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