Her Niece’s School Nurse Got Upset Because She Didn’t Disclose She Was A Doctor Upon Visiting The Nurse’s Office

After her niece proudly revealed her profession, though,  it became apparent that the school nurse was upset.

Then, the nurse even asked her why she had not mentioned anything about her profession– which genuinely confused her.

She wound up asking why she would ever need to mention that she is a doctor. She also decided to throw in a couple of compliments– claiming that the nurse was good at her job.

“And I enjoyed witnessing a professional at work,” she recalled.

The school nurse just told her she was being too generous with her compliments, though. Still, she claimed that she was just being honest. She also thanked the nurse for helping take care of her niece’s knee.

Anyway, it eventually came time for her and Sophie to leave. At that point, the nurse made another comment about her career– claiming that it would be difficult to guess her progression since she looks a lot better than many of her colleagues.

She took this as a compliment, too, and thanked the nurse again. Finally, she reiterated how she appreciated the nurse helping out Sophie.

The conversation did not end there, though. Instead, the nurse actually claimed that she still owed an apology for not being upfront about her job.

“And that it felt like I was testing her or deliberately trying to see how she was doing,” she recalled.

She was caught off guard by that remark and immediately apologized. She also tried to explain how that was not what she meant at all.

On the contrary, she detailed how she knew the nurse was more than capable of successfully doing her job.

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