Her Roommate Didn’t Pay Rent For 3 Months, So She Packed Up Her Roommate’s Things And Sent Them To Her Mom And Dad’s House

Many TikTok users commended her and her roommates for gracefully handling the situation and showing their other roommate kindness.

“One month gets leniency, two a warning, three you’re done, I agree with what they did completely,” declared one user.

“What y’all don’t realize is how good their hearts are; they literally packed her things for her and sent them to her parent’s house. That’s actually nice,” stated another.

“They could have just thrown all her stuff out the door and smashed her things, but they didn’t. They were respectful and even hired a moving company,” pointed out a third.

What do you think? Were they in the wrong for kicking their roommate out? Or was it completely justified?


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