Her Sister Has Been Lying To Her Therapist About Spending Her Childhood As The Family Scapegoat, But Honestly, Her Sister Was Just So Badly Behaved

Ilona - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Did you or someone else you know grow up with a notoriously bad sibling who tended to ruin many things with their behavior? We can only hope they’ll grow out of it over the years, but unfortunately, some don’t.

One woman’s older sister tortured their family growing up and now tells her therapist she was the ‘scapegoat child.’ Recently, she had to put her in her place.  

She’s 28-years-old and has two sisters, Jen and Chloe. Jenn is 28, and Chloe is 17. And honestly, Jen made her and Chloe’s lives absolutely awful.

“She was rude, reckless, a liar, a thief, everything. She refused to go to therapy and fought our mum every step of the way. None of us could have nice things because Jen would ruin them or the moment.”

Jen was especially bad with Chloe growing up and had gotten into intense screaming matches with her. There were many years when their family suffered because of Jen’s behavior and actions.

Not only was Jen terrible with her sisters, but with their parents as well. She’d steal alcohol from them, get brought home by the police some nights, etc. Her parents tried to get Jen to go to therapy to help her, but she refused.

About four years ago, Jen’s life changed when she met her fiancé, Luke, who she describes as a “literal godsend.”

At 24, Jen finally started getting her life together. She finally went to therapy, got a degree and a job, and started trying to make amends with her and Chloe. 

Ilona – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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