Here’s How To Properly Plant Heirloom Tomatoes In Your Garden So You Can Enjoy Them On A Hot Summer Day

If you want your tomato plants to grow to their full potential, make sure they receive plenty of sunlight. Heirloom tomatoes need to be in the sunshine all day long to stay happy.

Now onto the soil. Healthy, rich soil that is slightly acidic is your best bet for a good harvest. Mix in compost or manure to provide nutrients to the soil.

Water and soil go hand in hand. If your soil isn’t prepared properly, your tomatoes will struggle to draw in the appropriate amount of water.

They need to be watered consistently, so drainage should be efficient. Keep the soil moist, and don’t let it get dry to the touch. Going from wet to dry will cause the fruit to grow with defects and other issues.

Furthermore, tomatoes don’t tolerate cool temperatures. So before planting them outdoors, be certain that temperatures won’t drop below sixty degrees Fahrenheit at night.

Finally, watch out for pests like caterpillars, beetles, and aphids. Caterpillars like to go for the fruit itself, or they’ll gnaw away at the leaves and stems.

Beetles and aphids will also cause leaves to deteriorate by creating tiny holes in the foliage.

To protect your plants from caterpillars, pick any caterpillars you see off of the leaves and drop them into a bucket of soapy water. You can knock beetles away with a stick and spray off aphids with water.

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