He’s Completing His Residency, And He Got Into A Fight With Some Of His Family Members After They Called Themselves Doctors, Because They’re Not

michaeljung - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When talking about people who work in medicine or are medical professionals, many people have opinions on how important the positions are. For instance, many people debate how doctors are usually more esteemed than nurses, but nurses do a lot more work with patients. 

One man who worked very hard to become a doctor recently got into an argument with family members who claimed they were doctors themselves, although they’re not. 

He’s 31-years-old and in the middle of his residency in internal medicine. He comes from a long line of doctors, and his father was always very passionate about him becoming one. 

“My grandpa and his brother were both family medicine, my dad is a urologist, and one of my aunts is a pediatrician,” he explained.

“When I was in high school and college, my grandparents used to talk about how I would carry on the tradition and be the first doctor in my generation of our family.”

He has five cousins on his father’s side of the family, but the majority of them didn’t want to become doctors. However, two of them did decide to go into the medical field. His 32-year-old cousin Andy is a chiropractor, and his 26-year-old cousin Kayla is a nurse practitioner. 

Last weekend, during an early Easter celebration, Andy said something that really bothered him. 

A few family members were gathered around a table when his grandma started asking him about his residency. All of a sudden, Andy interrupted the conversation and said that he and Kayla were doctors too. 

“I was frankly annoyed and a little tipsy, so I told him that chiropractor and nurse practitioner aren’t the same things as a physician at all,” he recalled. 

michaeljung – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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