He’s Delivering A Message To Dads Everywhere That It’s Time To Step Up

Gorodenkoff - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

When it comes to raising kids, the responsibilities between mothers and fathers are vastly different, with moms taking on most of the burdens.

However, a lot of progress has been made to balance the load. Younger generations of dads are becoming more involved and placing a stronger emphasis on the importance of being a present father.

Many fathers are proactive and engaged in household matters and caring for their families. They know the name of their children’s pediatrician and are devoted helpers with everything from meals to math homework.

But unfortunately, that isn’t the reality for some folks, even today. Often, mothers still report that their husbands aren’t pulling their weight, so they have to do the bulk of the parenting on their own.

A TikTok creator and dad named Jeff is delivering an eye-opening message to all dads out there about stepping up and being better parents.

He was prompted to make this video after dropping his wife off at the airport to go on a girl’s trip for a week, leaving him alone with the children.

His wife’s departure made him think about all the helpless husbands out there whose households fall apart after just one day without their wives, much less an entire week.

Luckily for Jeff’s family, Jeff isn’t one of those husbands, but for the men who do fit this description, Jeff is giving them a much-needed wake-up call.

First, Jeff says that if your wife has to leave you instructions on things like what to do after picking up the kids from school or how to carry out the nighttime routine, you’re probably not involved enough in the lives of your children.

Gorodenkoff – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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