He’s Going In Depth About The 3 Loves You’re Supposed To Encounter In Your Life

Joshua Resnick - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

It has been said that you will really fall in love with only three different people in your lifetime, and each one of these loves was for a specific reason.

If you have heard of this saying before, you might not have paid much attention to it. Maybe you have experienced several loves throughout your life, so you think this “rule” doesn’t apply to you.

But as you look back over the years, you might come to realize that there were three relationships that stand out among the rest.

TikToker Patrick Gaudet (@patrickgotit) is going in-depth about these three types of love and at what stages of life they typically occur. And the more you hear about it, the more sense it’ll make!

So your first love often takes place at a young age, possibly during high school. It’s your first real relationship, and it’s as happy and exciting as it is in the movies. But eventually, you two grow apart and call it quits over stupid reasons.

“And when you get older, you’ll probably look back and think that wasn’t love. But in reality, it was. It was love for what you knew love to be,” explained Patrick.

Young love is equated to puppy love, which is regularly thought of as love that’s not genuine. In truth, love has many layers, so it wouldn’t be accurate to say it wasn’t real love.

Then, your second love comes along, known as the “hard love.” You will get really hurt in this relationship, and the breakup may take a while to move on from. However, you will learn valuable lessons and become a stronger person.

And even though the relationship may have ended with a lot of sadness, it’s something you will always still cherish because you wouldn’t be who you are today without that person.

Joshua Resnick – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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