He’s Going In Depth About The 3 Loves You’re Supposed To Encounter In Your Life

“This love includes lies, pain, abuse, betrayal, damage, and drama. But you know what? This one helps you grow,” stated Patrick.

Your second most significant relationship will help you realize what you love about love and what you hate about it at the same time. It also teaches you the differences between a good person and a bad person.

Before launching into another romantic relationship, you will be more cautious, closed off, careful, and considerate.

Finally, there’s your third love. This one comes out of the blue at a time when you would least expect it. You may not have been looking for love, but love found you.

“You can put up any wall you want; that wall will be broken down. You will find yourself caring about someone without even trying,” said Patrick.

This love will be nothing like previous ones. You will find beauty in all of their imperfections and won’t be afraid to show all of yourself to them. This is the person you’ll be thanking the universe for every night.


The more you listen to this video, the more it make sense! And you’ll actually think of those 3 people exactly! This information is pure gold! #thoughts #advice #relationship #love #facts #tips #relationshipgoals #relationships #life this video was inspired by @xgilham ?? you nailed this one

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