He’s Keeping His Brother’s Life Insurance Because It’s A Substantial Amount Of Money, And He Doesn’t Want To Share Any Of It With His Brother’s Wife Or Kids

Volodymyr - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 40-year-old man sadly lost his 42-year-old brother Jay in a car accident several months back.

He says that when he and Jay were little, Jay was clearly the favorite of the two of them. Jay ended up attending a prestigious college on a full ride, whereas he had to pay for college all on his own.

Not long after getting accepted into college, he ended up dropping out. Then, Jay went to grad school, but he settled down and married his wife Brittany pretty quickly.

He and Brittany have really struggled financially, and they were never able to have children because of that.

They still have money problems, and they live paycheck to paycheck. They also can only afford to live in a one-bedroom apartment. In contrast, Jay never struggled the way that he and Brittany have had to.

“Jay always made good money but wasn’t lucky in love,” he explained. “He was very picky, and while he had some longer 1-2 year relationships, he was looking for perfection before getting married. He finally married his wife, 40F, Mary, in 2019.”

“She also made good money, like Jay. She also had 2 children from a previous relationship, now 18 and 19. One is in college, and the other will be starting next year. She and Jay also had twin girls about a year ago. Mary and Jay both worked and have a nanny they share with a neighbor for their girls.”

“When they got pregnant, she sold her house where they were living, and he sold his condo that he had been renting out, and they bought a larger family home together. All this is to say money is not a problem for them.”

When Jay passed away, he got Jay’s life insurance money. Mary actually had no clue that he was listed as the beneficiary of Jay’s 401k as well.

Volodymyr – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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