His Girlfriend Has Been Sleeping Constantly And Not Helping Out With Any Household Chores, So He Gave Her An Ultimatum, And She Left

“But now, it’s more like 99 to one,” he said.

For instance, he has been handling everything from walking their dog and cooking dinner to washing dishes and cleaning their whole home.

And he claimed that if there was a better reason for his girlfriend being MIA for household chores, he really would not complain.

Since his girlfriend won’t discuss the new habit with him, though, he doesn’t really know what’s going on.

So this past Friday, after his girlfriend told him that she was going to take a nap again, he finally snapped and yelled at her– telling her no.

Now, he admitted to being a bit aggressive with his girlfriend. But quite frankly, he was just really fed up– and he told his girlfriend that.

First, he pointed out how, due to her constant sleeping, he was getting saddled with all of the household work while she refused to admit that anything was wrong.

Afterward, he gave his girlfriend an ultimatum: either they looked into getting her help, or she needed to quit sleeping so much.

His girlfriend was not very receptive to any of that, though, and wound up just turning around and leaving for her sister’s house.

Later that night, he then received a pretty angry call from her mother– who claimed that he had no right to deny his girlfriend any sleep.

He did try to explain the full situation, but his girlfriend’s mom reportedly just hung up on him. Plus, his girlfriend has not responded to any of his messages ever since the argument.

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