His Nanny Said She Couldn’t Work For Him If He Decided To Keep His Mother-In-Law’s Cat, So He Chose The Cat Over Her, And Now The Nanny’s Friend Is Sending Mean Messages To His Wife

lalalululala - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

This man’s mother-in-law passed away very unexpectedly not too long ago. His mother-in-law happened to have a cat, and he and his wife brought the cat home as they had no other options for someone to care for the cat.

After bringing his mother-in-law’s cat home, their live-in nanny mentioned to him that she’s actually allergic to cats.

Well, as soon as his nanny found out about the cat, she said they had to find a new home for the cat, or she would be forced to find somewhere else to work.

His wife did not want to give the cat away, so they picked the cat over their nanny. However, he said to the nanny he completely sympathized with her potentially needing to find another job due to the cat.

He never had the opportunity to chat with the nanny about any kind of timeline, but he was willing to give her all the time she needed to find a new job.

Additionally, his wife took some bereavement time from work, so she was available to stay home and take care of their daughter if need be. The nanny just responded back with “Okay,” but she said nothing more than that.

“Then she moved out a few days later while we were all out,” he explained. “This was all about four months ago.”

“My wife got an intense message from an unknown number the other day. We think it’s a friend of our nanny. This person said we were horrible for choosing a cat over the person that took care of our daughter.”

“That we treated our nanny horribly and left her with no other choice than to be homeless without any money. This person also said we probably devastated our daughter. Although I will point out that she hasn’t mentioned the nanny for a long time and has been very happy about spending more time with her mom and having a cat now.”

lalalululala – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

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