His Wife Was Livid When She Found Out That He’s Not Charging His Son Any Money To Live In His Rental House

marvent - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Something that often causes tension in families is dealing with property.

One man has been having trouble with his wife after he told her he wouldn’t be charging his son rent for a home that once belonged to him and his late wife. 

He has a 24-year-old son that he raised with his first wife. While they were married, they purchased a three-bedroom house. Unfortunately, his wife passed away.

Later, he remarried, and his new wife moved into the three-bedroom house. Although he remarried, he kept only his name on the house’s deed.

“My wife and I ended up having several children and needing to move into a bigger house,” he explained.

“When we bought our new home, she wanted me to sell the old one. I said no that this home was something my late wife and I purchased with the hope of one day passing onto our son.”

In the end, after what he described as one of their biggest arguments, his wife reluctantly agreed to make the old house a rental property instead of selling it. 

When his son graduated from college, he added his name to the deed of the old house, which his wife was also unhappy about. However, he decided not to share any of the rental income with his son since he still had to pay for the insurance and taxes. 

Now, the mortgage on the three-bedroom house is totally paid off. He makes around $2,000 a month off the house and puts the money towards his family’s household budget. However, his son recently got engaged and wants to move into it with his future wife. 

marvent – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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