She Was Surprised To See That On A Receipt For The Ice Cream She Ordered, She Was Charged A Fee For Employee Health Insurance And Sick Leave

ahirao - - illustrative purposes only

It is no secret that the many Americans do not have access to quality healthcare services due to the high cost.

Typically, health insurance can be found through your employer. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, employer-based insurance covered 54.3 percent of the population in 2021.

However, fast food workers in the service industry have a tough time obtaining health insurance, either because they do not qualify for it or because their employers don’t offer it.

A TikTok creator named Deek (@_deekdeek_) shared a video to the social media platform after noticing something strange on her receipt from a visit to an ice cream shop.

It turned out to be a twenty-cent fee for employee health insurance and sick leave! Deek was flabbergasted.

In the video, Deek held the receipt up to the camera and expressed her shock about the extra fee, saying, “What? That ain’t got nothing to do with me!”

The ice cream shop in question was based in Atlanta, Georgia. Deek had ordered a cup of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles, which came out to a subtotal of five dollars.

Georgia sales tax was 44 cents, and Deek left a one-dollar tip, so along with the twenty-cent fee for employee benefits, all in all, the total was $6.64.

Customers already give workers tips, which is a practice most Americans are accustomed to, but seeing that extra charge on the bill left Deek surprised.

ahirao – – illustrative purposes only

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