If You’re Interested In Making Your Lawn Environmentally Friendly, Here’s What You Can Do To Achieve That

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, the average gas-powered lawn mower releases 14.76 pounds of air pollution an hour, which is equivalent to a twenty-mile car trip.

So if you want to keep your air fresh and clean, scale down on the mowing. If you’re not comfortable with letting your whole lawn go, try choosing a portion of it to grow out. You might find it satisfying to see more wildlife visit your property.

Next, we will discuss pesticides. Even if you do decide to continue tending to your traditional lawn, there are still some methods you can adopt to be a little more environmentally friendly.

Instead of using chemical pesticides, switch to a chemical-free yard. Although the chemicals are useful for getting rid of undesired pests, exposure to pesticides can pose a risk to you, your children, and your pets.

Luckily, there are other pesticide alternatives that are still just as effective while also being non-toxic, like neem oil. It acts as a repellent against insects, making it harder for them to lay eggs.

Neem oil is harmless to most creatures and will not disrupt the ecosystem the same way a chemical spray would. However, if you do need to use a chemical pesticide, make sure to store them properly and spot-treat whenever possible.

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