In 2014, This Virginia Woman Mysteriously Vanished After Getting Into A “Minor” Argument With Her Husband: Two Days Later, Her Abandoned Car Was Found Nearly 20 Miles Away 

After Janet’s parents revealed that was not the case, though, Lewis became concerned and visited the Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office to report his wife missing.

Two days after the missing person report was filed, Janet’s car was then found at a Park & Ride in Zion Crossroads, Virginia– located almost 20 miles away from her house.

“To me, with Renee being such a private person, I can’t even understand why her car would have been at that Park & Ride where her car was found,” Bridget said.

Upon searching the car, investigators discovered the 49-year-old’s cell phone, purse, and car keys still inside the vehicle. But no money or credits were located.

And at first, authorities did consider testing the vehicle for DNA evidence. But, they soon determined that Janet and her husband Lewis’ DNA would likely be throughout the car. So, the testing was deemed unnecessary.

Investigators did learn about Janet’s argument with Lewis, though. They also heard about the quiet and private lifestyle the 49-year-old led.

This pushed them to immediately launch searches using bloodhounds and cadaver dogs at both Janet’s home and the region where her vehicle was discovered. But, no evidence was ever uncovered during these efforts.

Authorities also turned to Lewis as a possible suspect, but the results were reportedly inconclusive.

“Obviously, in any case where a wife goes missing, statistically, people always look at the husband first,” detailed Captain David Wells of the Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office.

“We have interviewed the husband in-depth on some things and are not 100% satisfied with some of his answers. He’s a very flat person, so he’s difficult to get a read on.”

Lewis also underwent a polygraph examination, and the results revealed “indicators of deception.” Afterward, investigators learned he had once had an affair with an unidentified woman from Texas– although they ultimately determined the woman had not been involved in Janet’s disappearance.

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