She Absolutely Hates Her Boyfriend’s Cat, And Now She Totally Understands Why His Ex Didn’t Want The Cat At All

Chalabala- - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or cat

This 22-year-old girl has a boyfriend a year older than her, and her boyfriend ended up getting a kitten with his ex-girlfriend.

When her boyfriend and his ex split up, her boyfriend’s ex took the kitten. Well, 5 months ago, her boyfriend’s ex said that she was moving somewhere new and could not take the cat with her.

After meeting this cat, she totally understands why her boyfriend’s ex gave him the cat instead of taking the cat with her when she moved.

“I’ve had numerous cats; this is the absolute worst, worst cat I’ve ever seen or known or heard of before,” she explained.

Her boyfriend’s cat is now living with them, and this cat randomly bites everyone and goes to the bathroom all over their house.

Her boyfriend’s cat gets up at 5 in the morning and meows like crazy, even though he has food and a fresh litter box.

She’s pretty sure the cat just gets up and annoys them on purpose because there’s no reason for him to be meowing so much.

“He pounces on the TVs and knocks over pretty much anything he can,” she said. “As I get it, he’s a cat. but I’ve never had a cat like this and don’t know how to co-parent him.”

“Today, I got home from the gym and was looking in the mirror, and this (cat) just straight up pounced on me from behind and scratched me. I mentioned to my partner that from the videos I’ve seen in his youth, they treated the cat like a toy.”

Chalabala- – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or cat

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