She Decided To Step Down As Her Sister’s Maid Of Honor After She Found Out That The Family Of Her Sister’s Husband Doesn’t Approve Of Her Being Divorced

Recently, she was invited out to dinner by Stella. When she arrived, she noticed that Jon was there too, and he was acting a bit off. Then, she figured out why.

Jon told her that his parents were unhappy to find out she was divorced. He told her that his parents were not comfortable with the idea of her being up at the altar as the maid of honor, as it would look bad.

Then, he told her that she could still be a bridesmaid, but she wasn’t allowed to talk about her divorce or her “conditions” during the wedding events. 

“I was stunned, and I felt tears in my eyes,” she remembered. 

Stella tried to put a positive spin on the awful news by telling her that she no longer had to deal with the stressful maid of honor duties and that she had a friend who had already agreed to replace her.

She left the dinner early, feeling like she had to process the information alone. 

“A few hours ago, I texted Stella that I would not be in her wedding party at all,” she said.

“That was my decision. I wouldn’t pull my daughters out, but I would only attend as a guest.”

She decided to temporarily block Stella from texting or calling her so she could have some space and talk things out with her parents. Now, she wonders if she should even go to the wedding at all.

What would you do if you were in her position?

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