She Decided To Tell Her Parents That Her Younger Sister Is Constantly Skipping School And Failing Classes, But Is Worried That Tattling Will Damage Their Relationship

This past Thursday, though, marked the end of another school term. And apparently, Rosie finished it with grades as low as 12 and zero.

That’s why her dad approached her about Rosie’s school performance last week, and she finally came clean– revealing how her sister was going to fail. She also told her dad about Rosie constantly skipping school.

“One time, she even went to Taco Bell during lunch and was very late to her next class. We aren’t allowed to go off campus for lunch or anything,” she revealed.

Rosie just walks the halls often, too. But her sister has a ton of excuses for the absences that keep “appearing.” Sometimes, Rosie claims that she walks her friends to their classes and shows up late. Other times, her sister swears that the teacher just did not see her.

Quite frankly, though, she believes that Rosie’s excuses are utter nonsense. If a student is ever late but still shows up, they are at least given a tardy.

Plus, almost all of the teachers do a roll call of the attendance sheet or know their students’ faces by now– since it is nearly the end of the school year.

Anyway, after she revealed all of this to her dad, he wound up calling her mom and asking her to explain the whole situation again.

Afterward, her parents decided that they were going to talk to her sister in hopes of getting Rosie back on track in school.

While she and Rosie had a pretty rocky relationship back in elementary and middle school, though, she believes they have a great relationship now.

That’s why she’s worried about tattling on her sister because she really doesn’t want to ruin anything between them.

“But at the same time, I don’t want her to fail high school and not be able to graduate with her class,” she vented.

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