She Doesn’t Want To Go To Prom With Her Boyfriend Anymore Because He Plans To Wear A Fish Tie

The pair already agreed and bought their tickets, though. So, she went ahead with buying her prom dress, shoes, and accessories in late February and early March.

However, her boyfriend still has not gotten any pieces for his prom outfit.

Just a few days ago, though, Joseph started discussing prom with some friends on Discord. And during the conversation, he brought up what items he still needed to buy.

“I just need a suit, shoes, and a fish tie,” her boyfriend said.

At the time, she had just been doing some homework and was not really paying any attention to the conversation. But, as soon as she heard the words “fish tie,” she stopped everything she was doing and asked Joseph to repeat himself.

At first, she thought she had just misheard him. However, her fears were soon confirmed after Joseph revealed he planned to wear a fish tie to prom.

Apparently, her boyfriend’s reasoning was that since he was only going to prom for her, he deserved to wear something to express himself.

While she thinks that’s completely understandable, though, she just wishes he hadn’t picked something so tacky.

She then took a look at the different fish ties her boyfriend was considering wearing, and she realized all of them would totally clash with her prom gown.

So, while she wants him to feel happy and express himself at prom, she thinks Joseph should’ve just turned down her invite to the event and let her go with someone else if he really was not interested in taking prom seriously.

Obviously, though, it’s far too late for that since her boyfriend’s ticket is nonrefundable, and he believes he “has to” attend.

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