She Forced Her Daughter To Go To The Aquarium With A Girl Her Daughter Didn’t Like, And After It Went Horribly, Her Husband Freaked Out On Her

Finally, she pointed out how Leah didn’t have a bunch of friends. So, perhaps if more kids actually took the time to know her, they would realize that she is really nice.

Her daughter Melody wasn’t thrilled about that and just wound up grumbling. However, the 10-year-old eventually agreed to go to the aquarium with Leah.

So, she sent Melody on her way and figured everything would go fine. Only about a half hour after the girls left, though, she received a phone call from her sister-in-law.

It just so happened that her sister-in-law and son had been leaving the aquarium right as Daniella, Leah, and Melody were walking in. At that point, Melody spotted her aunt and immediately claimed she wanted to leave.

Obviously, though, her sister-in-law didn’t just want to take Melody away from the playdate. And upon hearing about all of this, she was mortified and felt horrible for Leah.

She wound up asking to speak with her daughter and told her sister-in-law to take Melody out of earshot from Daniella and Leah. Then, she reprimanded her daughter.

“I told Melody she was being extremely rude. I asked her how poor Leah felt after she went with her and instantly wanted to leave,” she recalled.

Still, her daughter didn’t get it and just kept whining about wanting to leave. So, she eventually just gave up and told her sister-in-law to bring Melody home– because as rude as she thought it was, she figured it would probably be worse for Daniella and Leah to have to manage her whiny and grumpy kid.

So, her sister-in-law wound up dropping Melody off at home. At that point, she told her daughter for a second time how rude that kind of behavior was. She also claimed that it would not have killed Melody to do something nice for somebody else for just one afternoon.

Her daughter still wasn’t very receptive to her statements, though, and just said she didn’t want Leah to be her friend. Then, Melody just went to her room.

So, she ultimately called Daniella to apologize and learned that Daniella and Leah wound up leaving the aquarium early– because after her daughter left, Leah cried and wasn’t having a good time.

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