She Found One Of Her Old Purses From 1994, And She Decided To Show Everyone What Was Inside For An Absolute Blast From The Past

Porechenskaya - - illustrative purposes only

The power of nostalgia often has us longing for days that have already come and gone. It makes us yearn for our youth and reminisce about happy memories.

We may not be able to go back in time and experience those past moments again, but digging up old remnants of our former lives can take us back as effectively as a time machine.

A TikTok account that goes by the handle @wedontwannagrowup discovered an old purse of hers that hadn’t been used since 1994, and she’s sharing its contents with the rest of TikTok, giving other 90s babies an absolute blast from the past.

“So I found this bag (surely from JCPenney) when we went through my mom’s attic. It’s been up there for almost 30 years, and I wasn’t sure what 13-year-old me left in there to find!” read the video’s caption.

The aforementioned bag was of a brown plaid pattern and is still in excellent condition. The first thing she pulled out when she opened up the purse was a party invitation.

Following that was a black leather photo album. As she flipped through the mostly empty pages, we could see that it did contain a few items. There was a red “Hug Me” sticker, along with a card for the National Junior Honor Society.

Next, she displays a worn-out movie ticket stub for Forrest Gump and a photo of two young teenagers.

Then, she showed off a letter written on notebook paper that brought back memories of secretly passing notes to your best friend in class. In addition to the letter, there was an extra-strength packet of Tylenol that expired in 1995.

After that, she pulled out various candy wrappers and pictures from middle school that were printed out at Walmart.

Porechenskaya – – illustrative purposes only

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