She Got Into An Argument With Her Stepsister After Explaining That Her Daughter Doesn’t Get Invited To Parties Because Of Her Behavior

When Micah found out about Gemma not being invited, she was very upset and accused her of teaching Serena to exclude people. She tried explaining to Micah that she wasn’t necessarily excluding Gemma because Serena and Gemma aren’t exactly friends, but she couldn’t get through to her.

Then, Micah said that Gemma should be invited to Serena’s party since it might be the only one she gets invited to that year. She told Micah that information didn’t surprise her.

“Micah asked what I meant by that, and I said that Gemma is not kind to the people around her and lacks social skills,” she recalled.

“She’s at an age where kids will notice that and not be forgiving. Micah seemed taken aback and said she can’t believe I would be so cruel about a child.”

Micah stormed out of their parent’s house after she was hit with the hard truth about Gemma. Her parents thought what she said about Gemma was true, but now she wonders if her delivery was inappropriate. 

Was she right to tell Micah the truth about Gemma’s behavior that way?

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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