She Had A Beautiful Beach Wedding, But At The End Of Her Reception, She And All Of Her Guests Jumped Into The Ocean Together

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A viral TikTok video about one couple’s amazing-looking wedding reception has me wishing I was there!

There are so many ideas for weddings on the beach out there, from bottling sand during the ceremony to making a bunch of ‘sea breeze’ cocktails for your guests.

But sometimes, a simple party with good company, good music, and an ocean with a swimmable temperature is all you need for an iconic beach wedding!

Anyone who watches Brynley Joyner’s (@brynandlu) storytime video about her wedding reception that turned into a raving party on the beach is bound to feel like they missed out on a good time.

“My wedding ceremony was so sweet,” narrates Brynley over photos of her lush, outdoor wedding ceremony. “But I’m here for this storytime of the crazy reception after.”

Brynley and her husband Lukas got married right near the beach. After the ceremony, they took beautiful pictures on the beach in her fabulous gown. Then, they popped a bottle of champagne before she changed into a different dress she could move around in for the reception.

After making a few more toasts and tasting their wedding cake, Brynley, Lukas, and all of their guests headed onto the beach for a late-night dance party. It looks like they had the time of their lives!

There was dancing that lasted over 2 hours, sparklers, and even backflips, performed by Lukas.

Finally, the entire crowd did something that looked like so much fun.

icemanphotos – – illustrative purposes only

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