She Had A Deeply Disturbing Encounter With Her Mom’s Boyfriend, But The Police Officer Who Responded To Her Mom’s 911 Call That Night Changed Her Life

Zsolt Biczó - - illustrative purposes only

We recently read a story that is deeply disturbing yet very inspiring at the same time. It’s the story of a young woman who suffered greatly in her childhood but was able to turn her life around through the kindness of one stranger. 

When she was just a little girl, her parents split, and the pain of her broken family led her down a dark path at a very young age. Both her mother and father had issues with addiction and substance abuse, and she fell into that from a very young age.

“I was just falling into a cycle that my family has always been in,” she explains.

Her mother often had short flings with random guys who were usually really creepy. She had to adjust to this as a kid, believing that because of her mother’s addiction, she didn’t consider the dangerous consequences of keeping those kinds of men around her kid. 

As a teenager, she started getting into trouble with the law. She had been arrested a handful of times by the time she was 15-years-old. One night, she stumbled home drunk, and her mom had been waiting up for her with her boyfriend. 

“This was the moment I realized I needed a change,” she says. 

Her mother’s boyfriend suddenly pushed her down to the ground before dragging her into another room and locking the door. She could hear her mom on the other side begging him to let her go. 

With a sinister grin, he told her, “I’m about to show you why it’s bad to let your mom worry about you.”

Then, he attempted to beat her, but she fought back as hard as she could. At some point, she scratched his face, making him really angry. Thankfully, her mother had called the police before he could do anything worse to her. 

Zsolt Biczó – – illustrative purposes only

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