She Had A Freaky Encounter On A Country Road One Night Where A Man Tried To Block Her From Passing

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As an anxious driver, I tend to think about things that could go wrong on the road a little too frequently. 

One woman’s story about a creepy encounter she had on a country road freaked me out but also taught me a valuable safety lesson. 

“I’ve had a few creepy things happen to me in my life, but this one, I still think about how things could have went wrong very fast,” she said. 

She’s 20-years-old and used to live in a part of southern Indiana that she described as “the sticks.”

A while back, she and her best friend had finished a graveyard shift at a restaurant they worked at and went home together. They drove to her friend’s house to pick up her dog before heading to her house for a sleepover. 

As they drove to her house in the middle of the night, they turned onto the narrow dirt road they had to take to get there. After going down the road for about a mile, they noticed a man in a nice truck with its headlights on up ahead. 

“He’s parked to where he’s sideways, blocking the whole path,” she remembered. “Confused, I get out [of the car] and ask if he’s okay.”

Strangely, he said with a smile that his truck was “stuck,” and he was waiting for a friend to come and get him. She studied his face and noticed his pupils were dilated, which didn’t help the uneasy feeling she had about talking to this man. 

He looked back towards her car and saw her friend in the back and the dog sticking his head out the window. Then, finally, he told her that pit bulls, the dog’s breed, were “mean and nasty” before getting back in his truck. How weird is that?

artrachen – – illustrative purposes only

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