She Had A Sinister Experience With A Lifeguard And A Sauna, And She Says She Was Nearly Cooked Alive

“I thought I saw her lock the door, too,” she recalls. “But I thought to myself, ‘Why would she lock the door when we might want to get out?'”

After 15 minutes of relaxing in the sauna, the girls were ready to leave. Their relaxing experience turned into a horrifying one when they realized they couldn’t get the door open. Each girl tried multiple times to get out of the sauna, but the door had been locked.

They waited a few more minutes in hopes that the lifeguard would remember they were in there and let them out. But when they looked out of the door, they could see the lifeguard sitting in her chair, staring straight ahead. They began screaming and banging on the door for help, but the lifeguard didn’t look in their direction once.

This horror continued for a whopping 45 minutes. They kept screaming and banging on the door between breaks to try and breathe properly under their damp towels. She remembers the air burning her eyes and lungs and became extremely nauseous. Her cousin could hardly stand and needed to lie down with her towel over her face. 

Finally, they noticed a man trying to get into the sauna but couldn’t because of a locked door. He returned with the same lifeguard, who had to open the door with her keys. The girls tried to escape as soon as the door opened quickly, but they could hardly move past the man coming in.

If the lifeguard didn’t seem suspicious enough, she tried to close the door on them again. The man had to tell her that the girls were trying to get out! The lifeguard let out a sigh before opening the door for them, and they escaped to the changing room as quickly as possible. 

 “I truly think that that woman was going to let us cook alive in there,” she explains. 

To this day, she gets extremely anxious and has panic attacks in small spaces or when she feels overheated. We understand why!

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