She Had A Terrifying Experience With Food Being Delivered To Her House, Which Eventually Made Her Realize That She Had A Stalker

The delivery driver received a call from the same mysterious phone number as the last time. She called the number once again but heard the same creepy noises. 

“The deliveries kept coming every few nights,” she explained. “My move was delayed for unrelated reasons, and the longer I stayed, the more it began to really scare me. Why would someone do this?”

One time after another delivery, she tried calling the number again. This time, she heard a voice in the background, talking about her and saying that she “definitely still lives there.” 

After that, the deliveries eventually stopped, but she continued getting harassed in other ways. The creepy phone number started calling her house multiple times a day, and the man on the other line would leave her eerie messages, asking if she remembered meeting him, even though she had no idea who he was. If she or her friend ever answered the calls, the man would hang up immediately.

What really disturbed her was when this stalker began throwing eggs at her townhouse, which informed her that they must live nearby.

“Maybe he was watching every time a delivery was dropped off,” she wondered. “Maybe he was watching other times, too. The only thing I ever learned was that he knew I hadn’t moved.”

The harassment got so bad that she tried to leave the house as little as possible before moving. Her friend made the smart decision not to take over her lease, and someone else took over the townhouse. 

Although she blocked the phone number and finally moved away, she still fears that one day her stalker could find her. 

How would you react if this happened to you?

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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