She Has A Clever Hack For Fake Trees And Plants So You Can Make Them Look Taller In Your Home

Rattanachai - - illustrative purposes only

Fake plants have found their way into offices and living rooms across the nation, brightening up any space and providing a pop of color.

But, unfortunately, whether they’re real or fake, plants often end up costing a fair bit of money.

And if you’re someone who wants high-quality artificial plant decor because you have allergies, pets, or just can’t keep the real thing alive, there’s no way around it. You’re going to have to fork out a ton of cash for it.

If small plants are already pricey, imagine how much bigger plants cost. But what do you do if your fake tree is a little too short for your liking?

TikToker Michelle Lei (@bymichellelei) has a quick and clever hack to make your faux trees look taller, and the short clip posted to TikTok has received three million views.

With her hack, there’s no need to go out and empty your wallet for a new ridiculously priced fake tree.

And for the most part, all you have to do is gather a few items you already have lying around your house.

Place a shoebox inside a pot, then stack several sturdy books on top. Line the sides of the pot with a sheet of plastic, wrapping it around the books.

Next, stuff some kraft paper in the pot.

Rattanachai – – illustrative purposes only

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