She Has A Funny Story About How Her Husband Chose To Take Off Her Garter At Their Wedding

Wedding photography - - illustrative purposes only

One woman recently made a funny viral video about how her husband chose to take off the garter under her dress on their wedding day, and many people are wondering where the garter tradition came from in the first place!

“How my husband took off my garter,” writes Yazzy Collier (@yazzycollier) in the caption of her TikTok video before cutting to a picture of her husband taking it off. It sure is interesting!

For those who may not know, a garter is an elastic piece of fabric that a bride often wears around her leg, under her wedding dress.

At many weddings, there is a ‘garter toss,’ where the groom removes the garter from the bride’s leg and tosses it into a crowd of eligible bachelors. Like a wedding bouquet toss, the person who catches the garter has to get married next.

Yazzy’s husband put his head under her dress and continued to pull off the garter with his teeth. What shocked Yazzy was that he made this spicy move in front of their families!

A lot of the comments were from users who couldn’t get over the fact that Yazzy’s husband went all out in front of their family, but others wanted to know more about the garter tradition in general.

“What is the garter thing?” asked one user. “What kinda tradition is this?”

There are a few origin stories of the garter toss, one of them being that it was thought to bring good luck.

In Medieval times, guests at a wedding believed they would have good luck if they got to take home a piece of the bride’s dress. The garter, which attached to a woman’s stocking, was the perfect little piece to bring luck. 

Wedding photography – – illustrative purposes only

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