She Has A Wholesome Story About Connecting With Her Elderly Neighbor Through Music

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Music often brings people together. But in this case, it seemed to cause a point of contention, at least at first.

But things aren’t always what they appear to be. One woman has a wholesome story about connecting with her elderly neighbor through music.

TikTok creator Maddie Regent (@himaddieregent) has lived in a New York City apartment for nearly six years, and the building is populated with mostly older people.

Although Maddie isn’t a loud person–she goes to bed early and doesn’t throw parties–she was still concerned about the noise level because she loves to play pop music. She even makes her own music!

So she’s usually pretty cautious about the volume and takes care to respect her neighbors. And she hadn’t had any issues with it until recently.

Maddie doesn’t know her neighbors well. The only interaction she could recall was with her upstairs neighbor, who was an older man. He had flooded the bathroom multiple times by forgetting to turn off the tap.

Her neighbor has also been regarded as a strange person. For example, plumbers going upstairs to resolve the flooding problem would inform Maddie that her neighbor was “really weird.”

So, of course, that made Maddie wary of him. One day, Maddie was playing a super upbeat pop song that she had created herself when she suddenly detected a banging noise coming from above her. She turned the music down to listen, and the banging stopped.

Then, she turned it back up, and the banging from upstairs started back up as well. A couple of days later, Maddie was playing the song again when the noise promptly returned.

thanksforbuying – – illustrative purposes only

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