She Has Some Tips For You If You’re Interested In Upping Your Kissing Game

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Have you not had your first kiss yet? Or maybe perhaps you just haven’t had a decent kiss in a long time? Well, one viral TikTok video is teaching users everywhere how to up their kissing game like a pro.

“If you want to blow someone’s mind with your kissing skills, this one’s for you,” says Clare Girnus (@gummiclaire) at the start of her video. Her videos are hilarious, and her kissing tips caught the attention of over 1 million people.

Clare’s first piece of advice is to always have gum or mints on you when you go on a date. This is especially important if you’re going out for food or coffee on your date. Take a moment to freshen up your breath in order to make the first kiss more enjoyable!

Clare says that the world has ‘lied to us’ by making us think that you should go in for a kiss with your lips totally puckered.

“You actually have to open your mouth a little,” says Clare. “The other person’s lips can go in between yours.”

Now this one is good to keep in mind – Clare reminds her viewers that there does not have to be tongue used in a great first kiss.

If there is, there should only be a little bit. Nothing is worse than going in for a first kiss and getting greeted by a tongue right away.

Clare’s final tip is great for avoiding an awkward moment during a kiss.

“I would recommend closing your eyes as soon as possible,” says Clare. “Nothing is more awkward than checking if the other person’s eyes are closed. Then you make eye contact!”

limco72 – – illustrative purposes only

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