She Invited A Guy Over To Her House, And It Turned Out To Be The Worst Date Of Her Life After He Walked All Over Her White Carpet With His Dirty Shoes, But Then She Still Agreed To Be His Date To A Wedding

She agreed to get him off her back but had no real intention of attending the wedding. She was going on vacation two weeks before, so she planned to fizzle out the relationship.

“So I’m going to Wales, and we’re going to the caravan for two weeks; I’m not going to be able to text him ’cause there’s no service,” she explained.

So she didn’t contact him for two weeks, and everything seemed to go according to plan. Finally, she returned from her vacation a day before the wedding and decided to celebrate the end of the relationship and the fact she wouldn’t have to attend the wedding.

She got super drunk, and the next morning she received a text from the guy saying he’d be at her house in thirty minutes.

“Bear in mind; I’m a mess. So my eyes are bloodshot; I’ve been lying on the bathroom floor because the tiles feel cold on my face. It’s horrendous; I feel awful,” she described.

Panicked, she hopped in the shower and plastered on a bunch of makeup. She made it through the wedding without incident, and three days later, she ended things.

What do you think about everything? Should she have been more direct about her intentions?


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