She Just Found Out That Her Boyfriend Has A Long-Term Girlfriend Of Over Four Years And Isn’t Sure If She Should Expose Him As A Cheater

Pixel-Shot - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 29-year-old woman had been dating her boyfriend, who is 42, for over five months. But, this past week, she found out that she was the other woman, and her “boyfriend” actually had a long-term girlfriend.

And honestly, she just could not believe it– because she thought their “relationship” was pretty meaningful.

Apparently, her boyfriend would always make sweet little gestures– like hand-muddling her cocktails or buying her favorite anti-acids.

He also told her to leave her toiletries at his place and always remembered her favorite snacks– buying them before she came over.

“He fell asleep holding my hand while we watched Princess Bride, called me baby, surprised me with gifts, was good with communication, and most importantly, implied that we were exclusive,” she added.

On Tuesday, though, her boyfriend left for work and let her sleep in later. And after he left, she had the urge to check his laptop.

There, she realized that her partner had a girlfriend he had been with for at least four years. On top of that, he was also texting various other random women!

The conversations she read between her boyfriend and his long-term girlfriend, though, really stuck out to her.

Apparently, the pair said “I love you” and had matching footie pajamas. Her boyfriend would also send his long-term girlfriend gifts, buy her wax appointments, and hooked up with her the very day before she saw him.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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